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Why the iPhone X is Worth Your P50,000

Why the iPhone X is Worth Your P50,000

The iPhone X releases in the Philippines tomorrow, December 1, 2017 and so far we’ve heard very mixed reactions. While some are decided on settling for the previous generation iPhones, some can’t even sleep until they’ve gotten their hands on the newest Apple flagship.

Priced over its initial estimate of P50,000, the iPhone X is easily one of those items you need months and months of thinking and watching YouTube videos for. So okay, here are some reasons why you should get the iPhone X, from a person whose views on a phone is usually very practical.

1. 3D Face Recognition and Animoji

You guys, I think the Touch ID was enough. The only time I had trouble with my Touch ID was when I was in Japan and it was freezing cold so I had to use gloves. To be very practical, there wasn’t really any need for a 3D Facial Recognition, except of course for the purpose of making animojis. The good thing about the 3D Facial Recognition though is that it’s so fast and so smart that it can read your face from an arm’s distance away and learn your face as days go by. It can even read your face even if you have sunglasses on. It’s quick and easy, and you get to become an emoji for a day which you can’t really get from any of the previous generation iPhones.

Another good thing about the 3D Face Recognition is its security. One of the settings allows you to toggle whether or not you want your phone to only unlock when you’re looking straight at it, which adds another layer of security. You can also set your social media notification previews to only show content when you’ve unlocked your Phone. Otherwise, it’s just going to show something like, “Twitter: Notification” and not the actual content.

2. Convenient Flashlight and Camera Buttons

On the very bottom of your lock screen are your Flashlight and Camera buttons. They’re very handy since you don’t even have to swipe up the Control Center to access the Torch, which sometimes gets annoying because the Control Center just won’t show in one quick swipe. With the iPhone X’s dedicated buttons on the lower corners, you can just open your phone and click it. Easy. Oh and don’t forget you can adjust the brightness of your flashlight!

For the camera, you will still be able to swipe the screen to access it but it’s just pretty useful to have a button right on the corner for quick access.

3. It’s SO NEW.

That’s exactly why they named it the iPhone X. It’s not anything like the previous ones. The design is different, the cameras are different, and heck the controls are a lot different. As many YouTubers and tech experts have said, there is a tiny bit of a learning curve upon first usage because the gestures can take a little while to get used to now that the home button is gone (forever).

If you’ve been on the edge about the whole iPhone not being up to par, this might be the iPhone to change your mind. It’s almost like it’s not an iPhone but a brand new Apple device.

4. No, you won’t notice the notch.

I personally have settled for a previous generation iPhone because of this notch (and maybe the black bars all around the screen). But after searching reviews and first impressions on YouTube, the notch becomes unnoticeable after a short while. This is true because even as a viewer, I easily came to a point where I forgot there was a supposedly eye-catching notch in the first place.

Videos are fine, they adjust to the notch seamlessly. And many app developers have found ways to incorporate the notch in their new updates so I say don’t let the notch keep you from buying the iPhone X!

5. It sets you apart.

As I’ve said earlier, the iPhone X is new and different and refreshing, especially if you compare it to the iPhone’s previous models. If you have animoji, people will instantly think you have the iPhone X and not anything else. It’s a phone for anyone wanting something new or wanting to make a statement. It’s fine though, if that’s your reason. Besides, reality check, a lot of people buy their phones for vanity reasons. I myself, if given the money, won’t buy a phone with a design that doesn’t suit my taste.

Also, it’s an all-screen iPhone. Whatever Apple does, they do it spot on (except for those iOS 11 bugs) even if they are a bit late to the party.

6. The iPhone X is the perfect size.

It’s bigger than the iPhone 8 but smaller than the iPhone 8 Plus. It fits perfectly on your hand unless you’ve got hands like MKBHD. And more practical for me is the fact that it’s fine inside a pocket.

7. You get better profile pictures.

Yep, you get better DPs without having to bring a mirrorless or an SLR cam with you all the time. The iPhone X’s back camera is super out of the question because we already know it performs way beyond what it claims to be. The front camera, however, captures every single detail. Which I know can be a bit scary for some because you can definitely see all the pores and textured skin, but it just shows how accurate to detail this camera is.

8. It’s not an eyesore.

Literally. I’ve always had a problem with the previous generation iPhones’ displays because they just are a pain to the eyes. Because the display on the iPhone X is a lot different now, it’s a lot easier to the eyes during longer usage like for watching movies or playing games. A lot have also said that the apps almost appear like they’re just beneath your fingers, like you’re touching something real. After testing the Samsung S8 for a little while, I can kind of say it’s like a Samsung display but on an iPhone.

The iPhone X will be available for purchase in the Philippines by December 1, 2017 through authorized resellers like Power Mac Center and Beyond the Box.

There will be a launch party on the midnight of December 1, with exciting deals in store for the first hundred customers. At the Power Mac Center launch party, you can get an unlocked iPhone X at 0% interest installment in BDO, Citibank, HSBC, Metrobank, and BPI credit cards. This is only exclusive at the midnight launch.

For more details, follow Power Mac Center on Facebook.

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