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PUBG Corp drops copyright lawsuit against Fortnite

by | Jun 28, 2018 | Gaming

Last month, we reported on PUBG Corp’s lawsuit against Epic Games’ “Fortnite” for allegedly ripping off their game’s—”PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds”—gameplay.

True enough, “Fortnite” also has a Battle Royale game mode in which a hundred players are pitted against each other in a last-man-standing-wins battle. Obviously, Fortnite’s game is, aesthetically, very different from PUBG’s. What’s more, Fortnite adds an element of crafting, which dramatically changes the gameplay.

But that didn’t deter PUBG Corp from carrying on with the lawsuit, anyway. Today, Bloomberg reports that the suit has been dropped, with little to no information on its armistice being let out.

Pundits point to Tencent, which currently has stakes in both companies—40% of Epic Games, and 5% of Bluehole, PUBG Corp’s parent company. It wouldn’t be too far a stretch to think that the Chinese company had a hand at calling a truce between the two games. A Bluehole exec also told PCGamer that the lawsuit might just be a cry of concern, pointing out to the fact that Epic Games owns Unreal Engine 4, on which both games run. It might just be that Bluehole is concerned Epic will throttle PUBG and won’t give it proper support.

The truce, of course, translates to the fact that the two games have sorted the mess they’ve found themselves in.

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