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Razer Phones Can Now Turn Into Laptops

by | Jan 11, 2018 | Laptops, Smartphones

Talk about modularity, huh?

Aside from being a legitimately great smartphone, the Razer Phone is making a strong case as to why should its skeptics change their minds. If you like your mind to be further swayed, read our Best Smartphones of 2017 article. The latest from Razer’s efforts is an innovation called Project Linda, which turns a Razer Phone into a fully-fledged, Razer-esque Chromebook laptop. It’s being showcased at CES 2018, and pundits, to say the least, are losing their shit.

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Where it is different from other docking systems like Samsung’s DeX is in its ease of use. You simply dock your phone below the keyboard, effectively making it a trackpad. There’s a hardware button to press that locks the phone in via USB Type-C in addition to other buttons specifically added to fit the Android experience (e.g. Android Home, Google Assistant, etc.). In terms of extending functionality for productivity and gaming, Project Linda’s lapdock gives Razer Phone extra power (the phone will be charging while docked), and extra storage (around 200GB on the current prototype showcased at the event).

Though these unveilings are merely for customer feedback, it’s great to see that Razer is constantly trying out new innovations. If Project Linda makes it to the market, its execution is already properly neat and doubtless threatening to other companies developing smart-docking tech.

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