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Paydro Live App: The Pinoy trivia game that lets you earn real cash prizes

by | May 24, 2018 | Gaming

Do you like trivia games? Strap in. We’ve got a treat for you.

A new live Pinoy trivia game called Paydro Live—available in both iOS and Android—has surfaced and is now slowly making waves.

How to play Paydro Live?

The premise is simple, and perhaps a bit reminiscent to that of its Westerly counterpart, HQTrivia: Each game will start with a pool of players all vying for the pot cash prize of Php 50,000. The game consists of a series of questions, which players must answer correctly (in just ten seconds) to get to the cash prize. Those who answer all the “Walwal Question of the Day” gets to take home the cash prize, divided into equal amounts by the number of remaining players.

Here’s a quick demo of how a game unfolds.

The questions are comprised of a variety of topics, including pop culture and current events. Players have only ten seconds to answer questions correctly. If you get a question wrong, you’re automatically eliminated from the round. But don’t worry, Paydro has a feature called “PUSO”, virtual lives that allow you to keep on playing when you answer a question incorrectly. Players can’t use a PUSO on the “Walwal Question of the Day”. Players can only use one PUSO for game.

You can earn a PUSO by inviting people into the game. To get you started, use the referral code “@armanddc” when you sign up for the game. It will give you one PUSO to use on your first game.

What is #PaydroLive’s show schedules?

Paydro follows a weekly schedule, which is listed below:

  • Tuesdays, 12:30 PM
  • Thursdays, 12:30 PM
  • Friday, 12:30 PM

Paydro Live App: The Pinoy trivia game lets you earn real cash prizes

However, the app will sometimes host games outside of the above schedule. Which makes to keep an eye out for your notifications for any impromptu shows.

How to cash out your Paydro Live prizes?

Cash prizes may be cashed out using the Paydro Live app via transfer to your bank account or via DA5 Western Union branches. If you choose the latter as your cashout option, a minimum cash prize balance of Php 500 will be required.

What is Paydro Live’s Road to 1 Million Pesos?

As of press time, Paydro Live is getting ready for its “Road to 1 Million Pesos”, a celebratory event game in which they will give out 1 million pesos when they reach the milestone of 100,000 players in a single game. Essentially, something to look forward to and a reason to start playing now.

Again, you can download the Paydro Live app on the App Store and the Play Store.

Stay up-to-date about Paydro Live updates

In order to keep yourself looped-in about all things Paydro Live, like their Facebook Page, follow their Twitter and Instagram. They’re pretty active across all their socials; that should give you an edge over other players who aren’t following.

Similarly, keep it with us here at Typist Tech as we’ll be posting updates regarding the game as they become available.

“Walwal na this, mga beshie,” as the game’s chant goes.

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