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9 Apps Every Movie & TV Lover Should Install

by | Oct 9, 2017 | Smartphones

Cinephilia is a full-time hobby, and rewarding as it is, it’s not an easy one to maintain. Plenty of great titles get released every day; if you’re not smart about it, being a movie and television buff can drive you to the very fringes of your wits. How should one know when a new season of Mr. Robot begins airing, or that a new, first-of-its-kind animation art film made up of real-life paintings has been released to the world? Being a cinephile requires a lot of time and attention. And that’s just for catching up.

Which is why we’ve built this list—an extensive collection of apps that should appeal to the modern-day cinephile. We’ve got apps for booking tickets, streaming art films, and TV-tracking. Basically, we’ve got everything you can think of. Scroll on for the full list.


LISTED: 9 Apps Every Movie & TV Lover Should Install

Letterboxd is a movie logging app. It’s a favorite among critics, due in large part of the logging and reviewing functionalities. What’s more, the app has cultivated a tightly knit community of film junkies. I’ve personally met a lot of great friends here with whom I constantly engage in film discussions.

Check out the app on:


TV Time

 TV Time: TV Show Tracker- screenshot

TV Time helps you track television shows. The app carries everything from popular HBO flagships like Game Of Thrones to more obscure ones like Channel Zero. It’s designed to notify you whenever a series you follow airs a new episode. If Ryan Murphy decides to botch another American Horror Story episode, you’d be the first to know.

Check out TV Time on:



 IMDb Movies & TV- screenshot

IMDb is the holy grail of resource on film and television. Almost every bit of information you might want to know a movie, IMDb stores, including its release date, full list of cast and crew, accolades, and many more. Download the iOS and Android apps below.



 GMovies - Schedule + Tickets- screenshot

GMovies is to the Philippines what Fandango is to the United States. Developed by the good folks at Globe, GMovies is designed to help moviegoers cut the long queues at the cinema by buying tickets in advance. The UI is intuitive and purchasing a ticket takes seconds. The service will set you back a twenty-five peso convenience fee, a small price to pay in exchange for a more seamless moviegoing experience.

GMovies is available on both Android and iOS.



 Netflix- screenshot

Regardless of what you feel about this streaming giant, there’s no other (legal) way to watch its impressive roster of titles, including Orange Is The New Black, Black Mirror, Making a Murderer, Beasts of No Nation, and heaps more. The apps, if it helps their case, are lightweight, intuitive, and feature-packed.

Check out Netflix on both Android and iOS.



 iflix- screenshot

iflix is currently the only streaming service in the Philippines that carries a wide and varied collection of local independent films. Raya Martin’s filmography is available in but a few taps, and so is Brilliante Mendoza’s. If you’re fond of Filipino films, you owe it to yourself to check out iflix’s apps, which are available on both Android and iOS devices.

Download them here.



 MUBI – Stream & Download Films- screenshot

Mubi is a virtual curated cinema. They live to their mantra “watch great cinema” by providing their users a curated collection of great movies. They have a nice mix of art films, genre, festival gems, classic, and old films.

You can start an exclusive, unrestricted free trial here. Mubi has apps for both Android and iOS devices.



The Six Degrees Of Kevin Bacon, realized. Solyaris links together films, TV shows, cast, crew, and more in a web that allows you to visually point out one’s connection to another. The app is only available on iOS.


Rotten Tomatoes (Movies by Flixter)

 Movies by Flixster- screenshot

Rotten Tomatoes is a film and TV review aggregator. It collates reviews from verified film and TV critics and comes up with a score to fall in its proprietary scale, the Tomatometer—a thing that’s central to half of Brett Ratner’s fits and tantrums. If you’re fond of reading reviews and analyses of film and TV shows, this app should come in handy.

Download the iOS and Android apps here.


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