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An MMDA traffic app is in development and it sounds obsolete already

by | Jul 2, 2018 | Apps, Lifestyle, Opinions

Today in “how is the government spending taxpayers money” news: the MMDA (Metro Manila Development Council) is developing a new MMDA traffic app with TV5’s MediaQuest, and boy does it sound like a waste.

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The pitch is that the new app will provide users real-time updates regarding traffic, road conditions, and flood reports. Fair enough. These make the bare minimum of what’s expected of the institution. The issue, at least with this writer, is that plenty of these problems, third-party apps like Waze and Google Maps already solve.

The app, for what it’s worth, will still be a redundant piece of tech, and ultimately a waste of taxpayers money.

I’m coming from a place of history. Currently, there’s a defunct Android traffic app that MMDA developed from 2014. There’s also a 2011 webapp that MMDA premiered via Interaksyon’s website, which is now no more.

There’s also a handful of controversies with its pet project, the Metro Manila Film Festival, from straight-up copying Tribeca’s branding to famously rigging the 2016 box office. More recently, MMDA is getting flak for its recent announcement of the first four entries for this year’s MMFF.

There’s chance for MMDA to actually succeed with the app—and I want them to succeed, because I pay taxes too—but excuse me for arching the brow. If in making sure that happens it means we should call them out, then call them out we must.

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