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SEGA’s Mega Drive Mini Is In The Works

by | Apr 17, 2018 | Gaming

SEGA’s response to the recent resurgence of mini retro consoles is finally underway. It announced last week that it is currently making a new mini console that’s based on the Genesis (a.k.a. Mega Drive). This is following its rivals Nintendo and Atari who respectively released very successful “mini” reboots of their nostalgic consoles.

Taking to Twitter, SEGA announced the Mega Drive Mini, its revival for the Genesis-based Mega Drive. It’s slated for release this year, but SEGA has yet to give it an official release date. According to Polygon, the initial release will be in Japan, to be followed by a later worldwide release.

In addition, SEGA announced its retro game collection for the Nintendo Switch called SEGA Ages. Some of the confirmed titles include “Sonic the Hedgehog”, “Phantasy Star”, and “Thunder Force IV”.

SEGA obviously expects this collection to sell, but it should keep some exclusives for Mega Drive Mini if it wants it to be successful and not a redundant, middling release, like the SEGA Genesis Flashback.

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