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Cheap Knock-Off Tech Products That Are as Good as the Real Thing

Cheap Knock-Off Tech Products That Are as Good as the Real Thing

Sometimes the cheaper versions of tech products and accessories are as good as the real thing, and you won’t have the break the bank or sell half your kidney. To be very honest though, we still highly prefer the real and original ones but sometimes the budget just doesn’t allow. Here are a few tech products you can get knock-offs of and get away with it:


The real iRing markets itself as a ‘multifunctional’ accessory for your phone. It functions as a grip, a stand, and a reason for your phone to not lay flat on the table. Essentially though, it’s just a ring that attaches to your phone using heavy-duty adhesive so technically you can buy a knock-off and get away with it.

Our favorite knock-off iRings are from Daiso and Mumuso! They come in really adorable designs perfect for every personality. We kind of want to veer away from the really cheap looking ones though because the adhesive might damage your phone or phone case. I personally use a Daiso iRing and it hasn’t fallen off since I got it a few months ago and it’s Elsa from Frozen.


Pop Sockets

Similar to the iRing, the Pop Socket has a simple mission – to provide a grip on your phone so you can finally reach the opposite corner once and for all. While the legit Pop Socket website has a multitude of unique designs, the prices can go as high as $15 (P750). You can really just get any plain old knock-off Pop Socket from a cheap place and it’ll still do its job.

(But also wondering how this isn’t a trademark issue.)

Phone Cases

If you’re buying a phone case for function and purpose, then get the real ones! There really isn’t any other better alternative to tried and tested brands like Otterbox and Lifeproof. But if you’re buying for vanity, then, by all means, go get that P50 one from wherever. There are a bunch of cheap unbranded phone cases all over the place, especially bazaars and your favorite Christmas tiangge. You might need to work a little harder if you’re a not an iPhone or Samsung user, since most of the cheap cases are made for these two brands.


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Screen protectors

We’re not sure where the tempered glass screen protectors came from, or if you even need screen protectors in the first place. But if you do, there are P20 ones sold literally on the streets that work just as well as the P1,000 ones. Although we recommend you buy them from actual stores and not on the streets because the adhesive might ruin your phone screen. Friends recommend tempered glass screen protectors from Greenhills and random kiosks inside malls!

Gorilla Glass

Selfie Stick/Tripod

Sure, nothing can beat the Joby’s groundbreaking Gorillapod. But a lot of companies nowadays are creating tripods specifically with mounts for smartphones. There are hundreds of cheap alternatives to the Gorillapod that you definitely do the same job. Don’t forget to search for reviews though because hanging your phone upside-down with a knock-off Gorillapod might not be the best idea right now. But if they stay upright, we don’t think it’s a big issue.


Clip Lens

I’ve had a knock-off clip lens for some time now mainly because olloclips are designed for one specific smartphone model, like an olloclip for the iPhone 5 won’t clip on to an iPhone 7 unless you buy the right clip. And they can get expensive. Clip lens like those are designed to produce either fisheye, wide-angle, or macro shots your phone’s lens can’t do alone. And while the olloclip is the best thing out there, you can settle for a knock-off one because it can fit any phone and it’s quick to use.


Dongles and Adaptors

In this age of the absence of earphone jacks and USB slots, dongles and adaptors are must-haves. And no, you don’t have to shell out half a kidney for 10 of them. They might not last long, but knock-offs still get the job done.


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