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The ‘Justice League’ Trailer You Didn’t Know You Needed

by | Oct 9, 2017 | Uncategorized

Listen. I know enduring Batman v. Superman must have left you irrevocably damaged, but look to the new Justice League trailer. Things are shaping up to actually be, erm, really good. Take a look.

Hey, I’m not saying you get your hopes up. That’d be a big ask. All I’m saying is: look, this might actually be worth a shot.

First off, Wonder Woman. Clad with crimson red lips, she appears to have taken a more leader-like role in the league alongside Bruce Wayne. I’m uncertain if this is a new perspective they’re taking in the film, but it sure looks that way in the trailer and it feels exciting. Gal Gadot delivered an amazing performance in Patty Jenkins’ Wonder Woman; I’m sure taking care of how she carries over well here is atop Warner Bros’ and DC’s priorities.

Second: the idea of banding together seems pretty intact still. “Divided,” says Cyborg. “We are not enough.” The trailer hints that the assembly is essential and will play a huge part in the film. If memory serves right, I think something similar happened in 2012, but I’m at wit’s end trying to remember which movie that was. (Spoiler: it’s Marvel’s The Avengers).

Like in that film, an apocalyptic evil has come to earth. The heroes in Justice League must come together and fight Steppenwolf, among the murderous lot of Darkseid’s Elite, in an evil-infested earth and, hey, to the tune of David Bowie’s “Heroes” (should have seen that coming).

Finally, there’s Superman. The trailer is bookended with reminders that Superman is gone, and his disappearance is mainly the reason why the world is in a tailspin. Warner Bros. and DC both have done a decent job handling the mystery surrounding his involvement with the Justice League film, but I’m almost completely certain that he will be back in the film outside of Lois Lane’s dreams. I mean, do you really think they’re keeping a flagship hero in the backburner?

Henry Cavill seems to have fun with it, though. Taking to his Insta, he points out that every JL hero is banding together—”all in,” as the trailer says—except one.

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All in! Well, almost #JusticeLeague

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Zack Snyder directed much of Justice League but stepped down due to a family tragedy in May, at which point, ironically, The Avengers director, Joss Whedon, stepped in. Justice League will open across Philippine theaters November 16th.

Source: Warner Bros., DC Studios

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