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Joyboy: The Gameboy-Nintendo Switch mashup you didn’t think you’d need

by | Jun 25, 2018 | Uncategorized

Listen. We get that Nintendo, understandably, isn’t too hot on the idea of Virtual Console games right now. But this mockup concept console might just “switch” their minds—see what I did there?

The concept comes from indie developer JayH, which meshes Gameboy Advance and Nintendo Switch into one new hardware called the JoyBoy. It’s essentially a joy-con appended with a GameBoy screen.

As I’ve mentioned, this is simply a fan concept, but we’d be lying if we said this didn’t look good and completely feasible for Nintendo to produce for a mass market. The simplicity of its design—a screen chucked on top of a joy-con—seems like an affordable way of making it, and considering Nintendo will be able to market it right, it might just be a winsome pairing.

I’m not keeping my hopes up, though. It’s more likely that Nintendo doesn’t bat an eye on this. This means, we’d only be able to see this frankly an ingenious idea realize, if at all, through the means of third-party manufacturers or—*does the sign of the cross*—a Kickstarter campaign.

Regardless, we’ll keep an eye out for this concept console.

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