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Is Angkas Going To Be A Delivery Service?

by | Dec 19, 2017 | Apps, Cars

As far as commuters and drivers are concerned, LTFRB breaks stuff. It most certainly broke Angkas, a service that has been keen on “beating traffic”—among the many jobs that fall, ironically officially, on LTFRB’s hands. The discussion whether or not Angkas is a safe mode of transport is beyond this writer (I don’t intend to play expert), but feedback from the masses seem to favor the T.N.C.’s convenient and reliable service, hence the #WeNeedAngkas campaign.

Now that Angkas is—for the time being—unable to operate as a motorcycle taxi company, talks are being made in the company to shift gears into becoming a delivery service.

In a tweet, Angkas subtly touched on the subject, as always very cheekily:

No word as to when the move will happen, if at all, or that if its nature is temporary or a more permanent one. We’ll reach out to the good folk at Angkas to learn more and update this post as details become available.

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