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Apple considers adding a Dual-SIM slot for their new iPhone

by | Jul 2, 2018 | Smartphones

Apple is considering to give its upcoming iPhone XI—or whatever it wants to call it—the Dual-SIM Card treatment; iPhone users can finally use two SIM cards at once.

But there’s a catch.

According to the Chinese publication 21st Century Business Herald, iPhones in select countries will have to make do with Apple SIM + your telco SIM combo. The rest will get a standard dual-SIM setup.

We’re quite unsure about the credence of the report, based solely on the fact that the Herald hasn’t cracked any Apple developments yet. So take this one with a big grain of salt.

Still, the ability to manage two different numbers on an iPhone is pretty big on developing countries where users use the same phone for work and personal use. Apple’s decision to make dual-SIM iPhones will definitely give the company a proper boost in the global market.

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