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Huji Cam: The Disposable Camera App That’s Free

by | Oct 20, 2017 | Smartphones

One can easily say Huji Cam is the free version of the Gudak Cam app because of their striking similarities and in both UI and overall concept. Both apps have a tiny viewfinder and can make your photos look like they were taken straight out from the late 1990’s. But if you’re not into waiting for three days or finishing a ‘roll of film’ before seeing your photos, maybe Huji Cam is the app for you.

Huji Cam App UI & Controls

Huji Cam is a free app that mimics the physical look of the first Fujifilm Quicksnap disposable camera. They even got the right color of lime green and the white flash of light on the corner. Don’t follow the instructions to bring the viewfinder closer to your eye though and remember you’re still using an iPhone!

The viewfinder is something different. While it might look like the usual tiny viewfinder, you can tap on it to expand into your iPhone’s display. This way you can easily see what your Huji camera is focusing on and better plan your shots. You can’t tap to focus though but that’s okay since Huji works really well with a narrow depth of field!

Here’s what the expanded viewfinder looks like:

The big circular button on the lower right hand side of the display is the shutter, while the “Lab” is essentially just a gallery of all the shots you’ve taken so far.

Instant photos

The Huji Cam app takes your shots to the Lab right away. Once you click the shutter, a processing icon appears. You’re back to the disposable camera interface which means no preview but you can access the photo right away. You also don’t have a ‘film roll’ so you can take photos on and on until you’re drained. Like Gudak, Huji Cam does not allow for photo imports as of the moment.

Curiously, you can’t batch save all the photos to your camera roll unless you turn on the ‘Auto Save into Photos’ in the Settings. But you have to pay $0.99 (P49.00) for that. You can save them on your phone individually.

Like any disposable camera, photos are marked with the current date. Huji does it with a twist though. On Huji Cam, you have the option to either follow the current date or replace ‘2017’ with ‘1998’. It’s a small quite irrelevant quirk, but it’s a favorite among users. If the date stamp doesn’t click with your preference, you can disable it in the settings.

Here are some sample photos to show one with the current date (top) and one with the ’98 date (bottom):

Huji Sample Photos – No Photoshop, no Lightroom, just Huji.

It doesn’t show on my Instagram, but I prefer overexposed and low contrast edits to my photos. The Huji Cam photos are the exact opposite – high-contrast and crisp, plus some random light leaks and glares. The light leaks are clearly visible and they go well with the default saturation on the Huji photos.

Overall, Huji Cam is something I call a “filter app”. It applies random 1998 disposable camera app filters to the photos you take and doesn’t really take on the disposable camera concept unlike Gudak. Although this isn’t a bad thing or a good thing. It really depends on the person’s preference.

Here are some Huji Cam photos I took. No Photoshop, no Lightroom, just Huji.

Where to get the Huji Cam App

Currently, Huji Cam is only available on the App Store and is free of charge.

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  1. Nicole

    Will this be available for Android?

  2. Trixie Aquino

    Bakitt di po pwede sa hindii iphonee … hustisyaaa. I wanna tryy thiss appp but i am using an samsung. Soo sadddd 😣😦

  3. Pattie conde

    Hi saan yung settings ng feelm? Wala kasing date yung akin 😔

  4. Elaine ariate

    Hi po! Pano po yung may red light sa picture?

  5. Charm

    How do you take a selfie using Huji Cam? I don’t see any setting for front cam.

  6. Hannah

    Hi! Po dapat meron din sa android kasi hindi lahat ng tao nakaandroid tas yung isang app nung armando delacruz maybayad kaso bawal si akos dapat free din sa plays store yan ng huji

  7. BrIanna Dipus

    Hiii!! Pewde ba ito gamitin pang front cam?

  8. Davie claire

    why does my huji cam isn’t working anymore? 😞 I already updated it. I don’t wanna uninstall the app because I might lose the pictures in it, I didn’t even save it yet in my camera roll. 😞 Help please.

    • Amanda Saskia

      helloo David Claire, i think we have the same problem😩👌🏻 do you have any solution? i want to save all my photo:((

  9. Joel

    Hope huji will be available in android soon

  10. Afrilian

    I’am android user, i need huji cam so bad for available in playstore:(:(

  11. Joyce

    Sana meron din po sa android huhuhuhu

  12. Amanda Saskia

    why i cant open huji app:(( there’s a lot of new photo:((

  13. Sam

    I think huji cam must be on android too.

  14. Shane

    Android users need huji cam too! 😭

  15. Rachel

    2 quick things.

    1. Is it a one off payment of 99p
    2. How can you import pictures to add the effect too? I read you can once you pay but can’t seem to find the option!


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