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New Instagram update rolls out Questions on Instagram Stories

by | Jul 11, 2018 | Apps

Instagram has rolled out yet another update to its platform, this time allowing users to post questions directly to your Instagram Stories.

Questions work a lot like Polls. Users can access them by pulling up the Stickers Gallery. There’s a handful of uses to the new feature, from hosting live Q&A to your followers to casually asking for recommendations of places where to eat.

Here’s how you can add one to your Stories.

Fire up the Instagram app. When you’ve selected which photo or video you wish to post, pull up the Stickers Gallery, then tap Questions.

The app will then prompt you to key in your question. You can ask anything you want, as aforementioned. In my case, I asked for opinions about my newly redesigned website.

You can even change the color of the question box to match your story. And that’s it! Bedazzle your story to your satisfaction, and post it.

As of this writing, the update should be up and available on both iOS and Android users.

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