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Here’s How You Can Play Ultimate Werewolf Without Cards

by | Dec 19, 2017 | Apps, Gaming

Among the more popular team-building games is one called “Ultimate Werewolf”. It’s a tiring test of trust, a contest of manipulation, and a grueling game of lies.

In short, it’s fun. Very.

The game reveals a lot about your friends as much as it reveals about yourself. In it, players are randomly assigned a variety of roles—villagers, seer, priest, and werewolf (there are more)—each with a distinct set of abilities. The goal of the game is for the whole group to find and slay the werewolf disguised as a villager. The assigned werewolf’s aim, of course, is to stay hidden while eating villagers one-by-one. Adding to the fun are staple roles like the seer, who can ask about one player’s role every turn, and the priest, who each turn can protect one player from the werewolf’s wrath.

The card game retails for about 1,500 PHP for the basic set. But if you don’t want to shell out that cash, there’s another solution, one that requires a—wait for it!—smartphone.

The Werewolf app, which replicates the game, “Ultimate Werewolf”, is available for free download in the Google Play Store. Developed to be something of a “virtual narrator” for your playing group, the app will take you through the game with clear instructions as to how to go about each turn. Much of it also is done by passing the phone around to different players so that the game is completely fair.

Like the card game, Werewolf allows you to add or remove roles to specifically suit your groove. It also follows the roles’ certain abilities; for example, seers have the same ability to find out a player’s role.

Download and install the Werewolf app now on the Google Play Store.

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