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Gudak Photos: The Disposable Analog Cam App

Gudak Photos: The Disposable Analog Cam App

Gudak photos will remind you of the old times, or at least to the late 90’s to early 2000’s when the first disposable camera was widely sold. These photos are grainy and mostly green-toned, giving you that classic and mostly nostalgic feel. Yes, all with light leaks.

Patterned over Kodak disposable cameras, Gudak greets you with the iconic layout of a typical disposable cam. The viewfinder is tiny, the shutter looks physical but isn’t, and it makes that film rolling sound every time you take a photo. The app is mostly yellow then black on the edges, with indicators for the number of shots you still have, and the option to put a date stamp.

Gudak stays true to the look of every disposable camera on their interface, even including a warning not to ‘open’ the cam before developing.

Reimagining the ‘Gudak photo moment’

Gudak Cam is by Korean app developer Screw-Bar Inc. established in 2016. They strive to be unconventional, using their casual culture to churn out original and curious ideas for the public.

These Gudak photos were made because of the team’s response towards an ‘undo culture’. People tend to take photos haphazardly now because of the easy choice to delete unwanted shots right away. Disposable film cameras back then taught people to cherish every moment as a good ‘Gudak photo moment’.

Only see your Gudak photos after three days

“We, therefore, hope to go away from the mainstream routine of ‘taking many photos and picking out the few good ones’ and bring back that Gudak Moment.” – Screw-Bar Inc.

True enough, Gudak photos take a whole three days for you to be able to view them. Screw-Bar Inc. refers to this as the ‘aesthetic of waiting’. As their vision states, “We, therefore, hope to go away from the mainstream routine of ‘taking many photos and picking out the few good ones’ and bring back that Gudak Moment.”

You also only get one roll of film with 24 shots at a time and you can only have them ‘developed’ after finishing a whole roll. Developing takes three days, while getting a new roll takes one hour.

Gudak photos helps me as a photographer

As a photographer, the biggest mistake I always make is that I take too many photos of something and then I just pick out the good ones after the shoot. Though I know this is wrong, I’m a little perfectionist with the tendency to take a whole bunch of ‘safety shots’.

I think I’m slowly learning how to properly frame and arrange the elements in my photos after using Gudak for just three days. I don’t have control over what they’ll look like even until three days later so I have to rely on the lighting and other elements at that present moment. It’s a challenge, but it’ll teach you a thing or two about photography basics. Besides, I’m a firm believer that every good photographer has a good grasp of the very basic and simple things.

Gudak sample photos and tips

It was hard for me to finish the whole roll of 24 shots in one day because I felt that my day wasn’t that special. I would take more than 24 a day with my iPhone but with Gudak, I felt as if every one of those 24 shots must be different. I did kind of hit the shutter twice by mistake at times. Anyway, here are some of the Gudak photos I took, with no post-processing after!

A post shared by abby (@abbyreallysings) on

A post shared by abby (@abbyreallysings) on

A post shared by abby (@abbyreallysings) on

A post shared by abby (@abbyreallysings) on

Some tips for Gudak users

  • Gudak photos dimensions are 3264 x 2448, at least on my iPhone 5s where these photos were taken.
  • You can change the date on your phone so you can get your photos and a roll of film earlier.
  • The Gudak Cam app will apply random light leaks to some of your photos so there’s some element of surprise going on.
  • You have the option to activate or deactivate the date stamp on your photos. Do this by tapping the stamp icon just below the viewfinder where it says “date stamp”.


Gudak Cam on the App Store

Gudak Cam is priced at $0.99 on the Apple App Store so you can only use the app for iPhones for now. If you’re in the Philippines, it’s marked at P49.00. Gudak Cam – Android is yet to be released on the Play Store so stay tuned for updates! Meanwhile if you have an iPhone, you can buy Gudak Cam here.


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