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Grab Will No Longer Show Ride Destinations to Drivers

by | Apr 25, 2018 | Cars, Lifestyle

Following the public’s outcry regarding problematic ride cancellations, Grab has announced it will no longer show ride destinations to drivers. This move, according to the Singapore-based tech company, is part of its ongoing efforts of improving their services for both their riders and drivers. Per CNN Philippines, the update will roll out on Friday, April 27th.

“We hear what our riders want and will continue to improve our services while making bookings more efficient for our drivers. We will implement non-showing of passenger information before ride acceptance, as it is a major source of complaints,” the statement from Grab Philippines country head Brian Cu read.

Cu recently announced that Grab has sanctioned more than 500 drivers who made unjustified cancellations on riders eager to book Grab rides. We’ve shared our thoughts on the whole Grab circus on this post:

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It also has a lowdown on what’s been going on with the issue at hand.

Read also what we think the Uber-Grab merger actually means to commuters (and not either company’s business or financials):

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