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Google Chrome Will Officially Start Blocking “Bad”, Intrusive Ads

by | Feb 15, 2018 | Apps, Laptops, Smartphones, Tech

Google Chrome is turning its ad blocker in turbo mode. The browser has announced its action of blocking “bad” advertisements that intrude its users’ browsing experience. Obviously, YouTube, which has the most annoying interstitial ads in history, is exempt.

Chrome has talked a lot about this ad-blocking feature some time before, but now that it’s officially globally rolling out, Google has published a blog post.

The post, in essence, is an invitation to publishers to get their sites checked if it meets the Better Ad Standards, which filters out annoying types of ads including interstitials, pop-ups, and flashing, animated ones. The tool may be accessed thru Google’s Search Console, so if you’re a publisher or a site-owner, you might want to run it through there.

The rollout starts today, February 15, to Chrome users.

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