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Google Calendar Gives Its Desktop Webapp A Major Facelift

by | Oct 18, 2017 | Social Media, Tech

Calendaring is crucial, especially to O.C. freaks like this writer. I have my to-do list (Todoist) and project management software (Trello) synced to my calendar of choice, Google Calendar. And after years of using it, my opinion remains the same: Google has made an incredible, no-frills software with Google Calendar, or as the hip crowd calls it, the GCal.

What I don’t love: the UI for its desktop version. It looks like something out of a 2010 web design mishap.

Luckily, Google is finally making some steps to change that. A major refresh to its UI is slowly being rolled out, which renders the desktop webapp fit perfectly with Google’s material design language.

google calendar refresh

Indeed the webapp looks significantly more modern, with the entire site finally taking a responsive form; meaning, it will look great regardless of the device you’re viewing it from. It’s also making some great design decisions, like keeping the “view” menu and the search bar prominent at the top-right corner, with the rest of the calendar taking a huge plot of the screen real estate.

There are also a bunch of new features thrown into a mix. Most exciting is the ability to add links and documents, which I imagine would be incredibly helpful for meetings and other professional events that might require it.

Google is rolling out the UI refresh to G Suite users. If you’re not one, the update should get to you soon, but in the meantime, you’ll have to use this link.

Source: Google

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