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Globe Will Launch a Gorgeous-Looking, All-in-One GlobeOne App

by | Jan 18, 2018 | Lifestyle, Smartphones, Tech


Globe is making its case strong as to why it should be your mobile network. It keeps its subscribers engaged, rolls out constantly tempting promos, and right now, apparently, developing intuitive, gorgeous-looking apps for its users.

It’s called the GlobeOne App, an all-in-one portal for Globe subscribers. It’s got data tracking, a hub for mobile promos, and a whole menu of lifestyle perks all conveniently placed in a pristine-looking UI.

Listen. I’m all for competition. I have no qualms calling out Smart to develop a better app than the one Globe is currently developing, but in order to do that, Smart needs to step up it’s A-game with its MySmart app. This GlobeOne App looks really promising.

Though an official launch date has yet to be announced, the app is already in development mode and is available for download on the Play Store.

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