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Is Nintendo Developing A Game Boy Classic Edition?

by | Oct 17, 2017 | Gaming

Nintendo is reaping the rewards of years of incredible, iconic console gaming hardware. The SNES Classic Edition practically sold out minutes upon its release, a fate that could be similar to that of the Game Boy Classic Edition if it were to happen. And who are we kidding? Of course, it is going to happen!

In fact, Nintendo’s recent trademark acquisition suggests that they’re already working on it. Sometime last week, a Twitter bot posted a trademark filing from Nintendo. Attached to it is a photo of the original Game Boy.

Nintendo has not spoken in any official capacity of plans regarding their Classic Edition line. The NES Classic Edition is slated for a return to production in the summer of 2018; the third Nintendo comeback might happen sometime after that.

If we’re to guess which console Nintendo develops next as a Classic Edition and we’re to base it on its original slate of retro consoles, the next one should be the N64. A similar trademark filing in July similarly sparked speculation among gaming fans and pundits. However, given the timing of the filing, it could be any between the N64 or the Game Boy.

It also wouldn’t matter. Surely we’ll gobble up whichever console Nintendo releases first.

Source: @trademark_bot on Twitter // Featured Image: Red Bull

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