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Fortnite is finally on Nintendo Switch

by | Jun 14, 2018 | Gaming

The fact that it is currently most played game in the world does not halt the expansion of Fortnite. Epic Games, the game’s developer, has announced at this year’s E3, that Fortnite is now available for download via Nintendo eShop on the Nintendo Switch. The game is also now available on Android.

Epic’s strategy, for now, seems to be ubiquity. Everyone and their aunt want to get their hands on Fortnite; it’s just a matter of getting it on whichever platform is available to you. I’ve been playing the iPhone version, and it works just as great but not as gorgeous as the Xbox One version.

What’s more, like other platforms, cross-play is available on the Switch version. This means players can play with other players who are playing on platforms other than the switch (that’s PC, Mac, Xbox Live, and mobile). Game progress may also be imported via account syncing if you’re coming from any of the aforementioned platforms.

Those who are playing on PS4, however, are kept in a cage. If you’re thinking of making the move to the Switch, you’ll have to start over, as Sony has blocked account syncing and cross-play (ahem, any Minecraft fans out there still bummed?).

To reiterate, the game is now available via the Nintendo eShop. It’s free to download, but it’s worth noting that only the battle royale mode is available. No info has been released if the game’s native Save the World mode will ever make it as a free download.

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