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Feelm Classic: The Gudak Alternative For Android Users

by | Oct 25, 2017 | Smartphones

Gudak Pro Is Finally On Android

Apple users get the cool apps, Android users the functional (nerdy) ones.  We’ve told you about Gudak, an impressive disposable analog camera app that’s grown popular among celebrities and influencers. And we’ve told you about Huji, a free alternative that emulates a different look of analog photography. At the time of this writing, both very “cool” apps are available only on the App Store.

However, the Android platform makes it convenient for developers to make apps, which means they get to develop alternatives to iOS-exclusive apps. Sure enough, after much digging, we’ve found Feelm Classic—a simple, no-frills photography app that can serve (for now) as the Gudak for Android users.

The app costs around the same price as Gudak does, but it draws a number of key differences. Firstly, your photos are instantly available after taking them. In Gudak, you have to wait three days for your photos to “develop”, as though it were a real disposable camera from the past. There’s also no limit to the number of photos you can take where in Gudak you have a certain limit. Some point that these force the users to become more precise and creative when taking the shot. These features are not in Feelm Classic; if you’re on Android, you’d have to settle for the next best thing: emulation.

And this, Feelm Classic does well. There are plenty of filters to choose from, all of which you can try for size in real-time as you take the photos. If you’re looking to achieve a look closest to what Gudak produces, check out the 03 filter and decrease the effect application by a third. There are also optional flares and leaks if you’re feeling a bit groovy.

One minor caveat, too, is that the photos come out a bit lower-res than what your camera can achieve. We find that taking photos using your native camera app and applying the filters after work best.

You can download Feelm Classic on the Play Store for 67 PHP. It’s part of a collection of filter-photography apps alongside Feelm Snow, Feelm Natura, Feelm Rose, and more.

UPDATE 10/29/17: A lot of you are looking for Huji Cam alternatives, too. For this, take a look at Feelm Polar, an Android app that works exactly the same way as Feelm Classic but has filters that emulates a similar film look as Huji Cam does.

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  1. audrey

    please make it available in android many people ask it tho

    • Armando Dela Cruz

      Hi Audrey. Feelm is an Android app. 🙂 You can download it using the Play Store button we’ve embedded above.


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