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A List of Delivery Hotlines to Fastfood Restaurants In Manila

by | Oct 6, 2017 | Lifestyle

Place yourself at the break of midnight. You’re deep into the hundredth Reddit thread of conspiracy theories about tyrants of the world and the seventh of fan-fictions starring Ronald “Bato” Dela Rosa and Pres. Rodrigo Duterte. Suddenly, a grumble. You feel it in your stomach. You’re craving for McNuggets, which is to say you’re craving for MSG. But it’s late, you tell yourself. But hey, I can have it delivered, you contest.

And here is where I come in, your friendly neighborhood nerdboy, always trying to save the day. On this post, I come bearing a list of delivery hotlines to your favorite fastfood restaurants in Manila.

LISTED: Fastfood Delivery Hotlines In Metro Manila (Updated 2017)

Fastfood Delivery Hotlines in Metro Manila

  • Jollibee: 8-7000
  • McDonald’s: 8-6236
  • Burger King: 667-7171
  • KFC: 887-8888
  • Chowking: 9-8888
  • Army Navy: 333-3131
  • Wendy’s: 533-3333
  • Pizza Hut: 911-1111
  • Shakey’s: 77-7777
  • Dunkin’: 988-7288
  • Greenwich: 5-5555
  • Kenny Rogers Roasters: 555-9000
  • Domino’s Pizza: 922-2222
  • Max’s: 7-9000
  • Yellow Cab: 789-9999
  • Tapa King: 531-8272
  • Mang-Inasal: 733-1111

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If you have anything to add here, feel free to drop them in the comments!

The hotlines listed above are sourced from their respective restaurant websites. They vary in delivery fees, time, and minimum price to order. For more info, go check out their websites.

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