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This Update Can Turn Messaging Friends on Facebook into a Competition

This Update Can Turn Messaging Friends on Facebook into a Competition

Facebook Messenger streaks will soon be a thing, as confirmed by Mashable. Mashable reached out to Facebook who revealed that they are currently testing out streaks. It’s the thing in Snapchat where the app notifies you how many days straight you’ve been messaging a certain person.

The Snapchat streaks have been a hilarious avenue for competitive folks, especially those dedicated to keep their streaks for more than a hundred days. This update has not been officially released yet but a number of Facebook users reported that they have been experiencing such, as it currently is being tested on a designated sample size.

Screencaps from the Facebook Messenger users ‘affected’ by this show an emoji counter, very similar to the one from Snapchat streaks. Looks like Snapchat is so dead now that Facebook Messenger’s determined to copy them to the very detail and finally get away with it. The Facebook spokesperson Mashable was in contact with said that the Facebook Messenger streaks were created “to see at a glance fun facts about the people you message with.”

Yeah, we’re pretty sure this is them copying Snapchat. Well whatever is the case, if this update gets a go then we’re expecting some Facebook Messenger streak competitions (and shall we say placing of bets?) in the coming days.

How many days straight can you talk to a person on Facebook Messenger?

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