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Facebook’s Face Recognition: What is it, Why You Should Turn it Off, and How

by | Mar 2, 2018 | Smartphones

It’s official. We’re living in a “Black Mirror” episode.

Facebook has announced an alarmingly vaguely worded statement regarding their new face recognition tech, which understandably has users worried. Essentially, the feature helps “protect you from strangers using your photo” and “find photos you’re in but haven’t been tagged”.

Check out the message, in full, below:

What is Facebook’s Face Recognition; Why You Should Disable It; and How

Here’s a quick watercooler of what the feature is all about.

What does Facebook’s Face Recognition do?

Facebook has been gathering biometric data in photographs. If you’ve bothered to read its privacy policy, you’ll spot it. All the same, Facebook has gotten itself into some minor troubles because of it. What’s new with the arrival of this sudden and vaguely worded announcement is that it’s letting you know that it’s gathering biometric information with photos that you post—and that if you want (you should), there’s an option to opt-out.

Why you should disable Facebook’s Face Recognition.

All this sounds a bit iffy (at least to me). Though it’s easy to be skeptical and think that Facebook’s intention is malicious, it would be wrong to dismiss that the original purpose of the feature is to help solve problems concerning identity theft.

For the sake of my sanity, however, I have face recognition off. And I think you should too. Just to be safe. Especially because there are users who haven’t tinkered with their settings yet, and still they find that the setting is on from their end by default, directly contrasting what Facebook is saying that “the setting is off, but you can turn it on any time”.

How to disable Facebook’s Face Recognition.

So here’s how you turn off Facebook’s Face Recognition:

  1. In the Facebook app, go to your profile and click “More” just below of your profile photo to the right.
  2. Hit “View Privacy Shortcuts”
  3. Hit “More Settings”
  4. Hit “Face Recognition”
  5. Under the question “Do you want Facebook to be able to recognize you in photos and videos?”, make sure it’s toggled to “No”.

Once you’ve done this process, you’re pretty much set up. And at least one layer more secure than the rest of your peers.

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