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The Caritas Health Shield Scam Explained

The Caritas Health Shield Scam Explained

The Caritas Health Shield scam overview

If you search Caritas Health Shield scam on the internet, you are most likely going to encounter a lot of news about the Caritas text scams. You will receive a text message saying that you have won a free health card and must visit their office to claim it. Well I don’t know who still falls for this but if you’re one of those people getting texts from sketchy phone numbers, you better delete it right away. Once you visit the Caritas Health Shield office stated in the text, agents will convince you to use your credit card for another purchase securing their end of the deal. And that’s it, you’re left with zero freebies and a zero credit card balance.

Is Caritas Health Shield really a scam company?

Short answer: No. Established in 1995, the Caritas Health Shield is a health maintenance organization (HMO) accredited by the Insurance Commission (IC). It has received accreditation from the Association of Health Maintenance Organizations in the Phillippines (AHMOPI). Caritas Health Shield was also awarded the Reader’s Digest Gold Award for Most Trusted Brands in the Health Card category. Caritas Health Shield also has more than 15,000 doctors and over 600 hospital clinics nationwide.

Caritas Health Shield has the widest reach among health maintenance organizations, reaching over 87 urban centers and gaining 600,000 individual and legitimate members.

The company too good of a foundation to be called a scam.

What are those texts then?

The Caritas Health Shield scam was created by people who wanted to smear the company’s name. These people were drawn to make money for themselves and used the Caritas Health Shield name to gain authority. For the past few years, Caritas Health Shield has been working hard to investigate and track down these people in order to terminate them right away. Currently, there have not been any news regarding money scamming using the Caritas Health Shield name in accordance to their mission to maintain ethical standards in conducting their business.

These individuals are not in any way the totality of the Caritas Health Shield as a company.

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