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The Best & Most Trusted Tech Sites in the Philippines

by | Oct 13, 2017 | Lifestyle

As someone who considers himself an enthusiast in tech, I take my tech sites seriously. I think it’s important to note that there’s a difference between being a thought leader in this field from merely being a P.R. machine. There’s plenty of information-feeders out there, but only a few take the time to really usher you to a more sensible buyer’s mindset.

With this post, I hope to help you cut through all the senseless and insensible rubble. I’ve listed down ten of what I consider the best and most trusted tech sites in the Philippines, sites that I, as an editor, wish to mold this site into one day becoming.

10 Most Trusted & Best Tech Sites in the Philippines

These exemplary sites get Typist Tech’s “Top Techie” Award, which is a seal that recognizes the best in the tech reporting and journalism scene. They are authorities in tech at the very top of their game, and if you’re interested in tech at all, you owe it to yourself to check out their websites.


Founded by Abe Olandres, YugaTech is the granddaddy of Filipino tech blogs. Already a tech empire deserving to sit alongside tech networks abroad, YugaTech (or more casually known to its fans as simply “Yuga”) covers local and worldwide tech tirelessly—and very thoroughly at that—making it one of the most reliable tech authorities in the Philippines. And to me, personally, a go-to online portal for anything related to tech.

Pinoy Tech Blog

Don’t be fooled by its rather ordinary title. Pinoy Tech Blog (otherwise known to its fans as “PTB”) is a prolific tech coverage blog-site that features everything new about phones, laptops, gadgets and accessories, and more. Also, what a lot of people doesn’t know: PTB started as a collective project among some of the O.G. tech bloggers in the Philippines, including YugaTech’s Abe Olandres.

Manila Shaker

Manila Shaker casts its net wide very early in the game. And it does so by catching a very specific kind of fish. Let me explain. Manila Shaker’s vision, according to founder Jade Jardinico when I spoke to him last, was originally to be a website that captures a culture that’s distinctly Manila. It so happens that Manilenos are so into tech that he decided to focus temporarily on tech. And if we’re to judge from the content Manila Shaker putting, he’s doing a great job.

Pinoy Techno Guide

Pinoy Techno Guide (or “PTG”) harkens back to the good ol’ days of tech blogging. Founded in 2012 by Daniel Gubalane, PTG’s content is predicated on one thing: to provide its readers with helpful information about tech, be it prices, specs, and others. In fact, PTG launched because of a post Gubalane wrote about his Cherry Mobile Flare, which was read by thousands of Filipinos.

Gadget Match

If you scoured for phone reviews on YouTube, you’ve probably chanced upon Michael Josh, the founder of Gadget Match. One of the fastest growing tech networks in the country, Gadget Match is known and appreciated for its no-frills approach. You’ll get a better sense of that as you watch their videos, visit the site, and consume their content, which is compact, to-the-point, and incredibly well produced.

Hungry Geeks

Hungry Geeks is a passion project by a group of friends, and what seems to be their mission is to cover geek culture in a no-nonsense way. And it shows. Their site is full to the brim of info, opinions, and practical guides on everything from tech, gaming, and even—uh, it says it in the name—food.

Tech Pinas

Tech Pinas says it clearly on their mission statement. They wish to provide Filipinos content that contributes to a “tech-informed, tech-empowered nation.” The site is founded by Marc Macanas and covers everything from guides, reviews, and features on anything tech-related.


I can’t forsake you, fellow gamers, can’t I? And if you’re really into gaming, you must have once in your life come across one of Back2Gaming’s practical gaming builds. That’s how I got introduced to this site. But beyond this, Back2Gaming’s coverage has expanded to gaming on a more general level, featuring reports on gaming tech, the gaming industry, and the games themselves.


NoypiGeeks recognizes the noise in tech coverage, and wants to filter out news that’s irrelevant to Filipino tech enthusiasts. As such, their site is filled with reports on gadgets and brands that are either local, popular, or only officially available in the Philippines. Smart.

Unbox Philippines

Unbox lives by their promise to be an unassuming, approachable “techie friend”. What this means is that they aim to provide a reading experience that’s rid of technical jargon they know casual users don’t really appreciate. Carlo Ople, the site’s editor-in-chief, sees this mantra is airtight. And for the most part, him and his team are doing a very good job.


About The Typist Techie Badge

This is as much a pledge as it is a badge. Tech bloggers and site owners are encouraged to embed it on their site as a means of expressing their vociferous belief in empowering tech enthusiasts, casual fans, and everyday users—and not merely “selling” to them. By wearing this badge, you’re making the local tech blog scene more sensible and sensitive to the very reason why we all started in the first place…the people.

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This list is our subjective “best of” all the tech bloggers. While we pulled from stat-based lists for research, all of the sites that made the cut are our own go-to tech sites and blogs. If you think we missed one, leave it in the comments!

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