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The best Huji alternatives for Android users

by | May 16, 2018 | Apps

You already know Huji, the free disposable camera app that’s quickly become a staple for those who are suckers for all-things vintage, which is to say all people. You might already have it in your phone—if you’re on iOS. For the rest of us rested at the arms of Mother Google on the Android ecosystem, however, we’ll have to rely on apps with a similar functionality.

Which is what this article is all about: to provide you with a handful of great Huji alternatives on Android. All the apps that will be mentioned on this list are free, with the option to upgrade for more features.

Kuji Cam

This is an obvious rip-off of the original iOS app, complete with the suite of tools you’ll need to produce a disposable cam-looking photo. What’s more, the interface is uncannily similar to the original, it requires little to no learning curve if you’re switching operating systems.

There are also a bunch of other features, including more filters (across the board, there are some Fuji-inspired ones and even more taken straight out of the Kodak Portra Series). The app also has a native photo editor, which allows users to edit the photo they took with more granular control. I’ve written about this app on a separate post, which you can read here.

Finally, there’s yet another rip-off of Kuji (which makes it a rip-off of a rip-off, I guess?) called Kuni, which does everything Kuji does except take pictures. Of course, what Kuji can’t do is edit photos from the gallery, which, interestingly, Kuni, does. The Kuni Analog Filters App is a paid app.

Download Kuji Cam on the Google Play Store.


Instamini is a photography app that tries to emulate a Polaroid, from the filters used to the built-in frames. Like Kuji, Instamini uses a host of filters that look like legitimate polaroids and adds the now-famous-again timestamp. However, everything here is automatic. This means you can’t manually edit the filters post-taking of the photo nor choose one whilst taking it.

Still, it produces some pretty amazing photos, as shown here.

Download Instamini from the Google Play Store.

Snow Cam

Don’t let the peppy, cutesy A.R. stickers fool you. Snow Cam has a lot of vintage-looking filters that look as if they’ve been taken from another era. The app itself is a camera app, much like Snapchat without the messaging feature. Because it uses A.R., Snow Cam can smartly detect faces and beautify your shot (should you want it to) and apply gorgeous-looking film frames that look legit.

Just check out some of the shots I have here.

Download Snow Cam from the Google Play Store.


That’s it for now. There are other Android alternatives to Huji I’ve found, but none of those seem to be at par with what the above three put to the table. If you only have space for three apps, download these three. If you can only have one, I’d say Kuji Cam is your best bet.

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