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The Best Habit Trackers for Android (2018)

by | Jan 2, 2018 | Apps, Smartphones

Forget everything you know about setting goals, it’s time to develop great habits. You can shoot for the stars and say you’re finally going to put on that rock-hard, screaming eight-pack abs, but unless you put in the work of doing proper exercises and following a specialized meal-plan, you’re certainly going to have a hard time looking like The Rock.

As an early 2018 treat, I’ve collated some of the best habit-tracking Android apps to get you started on your goals, be it in fitness, finances, or productivity.


Habitica is my favorite habit-tracking app. What makes it unique from all of the apps I have on this list (apart, perhaps technically, from 7 Weeks)  is that the whole thing is gamified, The platform is made to look as if you’re playing an RPG. You have an avatar, which you can power-up by developing habits and following through on them. You can even join guilds and battle with fellow Habitica users. It’s what I use on keeping my fitness and productivity in check; I suggest you seek it out and take your hand at it.

LISTED: 5 Free Best Habit Trackers On Android You Can Install


For those of you who wants a cleaner, more straightforward option. Loop is pretty great. It offers a host of features that will help fit an app experience suited for you. Staple features like habit streaks, flexible scheduling, and granular UI customizability all contribute to making Loop currently the best Android habit-tracking app.

LISTED: 5 Free Best Habit Trackers On Android You Can Install


Want something minimal? Streaks is that kind of app that skips any and all bullsh*t when it comes to habit-tracking. Bare of any fancy tricks and gimmicks, Streak works by adding habits you wish to develop and keep. The app, of course, will alarm you to keep doing your habits; you also get a calendar for each, telling you if you’ve kept up thus far. It’s a very plain design that, frankly, works.

LISTED: 5 Free Best Habit Trackers On Android You Can Install

7 Weeks

According to a new study, it takes way more than 21 days in order to develop a fully-formed habit. Some say it’s 66 days, while others say the sweet spot is around 50. Based on this new learning stems the way 7 Weeks works. It’s the most goal-oriented app among this lot of apps. In the app, you get bragging rights if you’ve kept yourself committed to doing a chosen habit for 7 weeks. There’s actually no prize to be won, just a good habit developed or a bad one broken, which are, in my opinion, dear prizes unto themselves.

LISTED: 5 Free Best Habit Trackers On Android You Can Install


Pledge doesn’t subscribe to the “streak” way of habit-tracking, at least not explicitly. For the uninitiated, streaks help habit tracking because people don’t want to break streaks, especially longer ones. However, keeping a streak can sometimes feel like work, so Pledge took it upon themselves to develop an app that’s simple, beautifully designed, and decidedly no-frills. In it, you’re meant to add small habits called, aptly, “pledges”, and you’re to do them as you proclaimed you’ll do. The app’s process works by using language cues, which are consciously Hemingway-esque: “did you [insert-habit-here] today?”—cold, exacting, and in this case, effective.

LISTED: 5 Free Best Habit Trackers On Android You Can Install

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