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We Turned Ourselves Into Little Things “Bebi”-Chibis

by | Oct 12, 2017 | Entertainment

The Typist editors are big fans of Ivyree Rosario’ adorable, dryly humorous webcomic, Little Things. As is customary to fans, we lost our shit when we discovered that Rosario has launched a “Bebi” generator, which allows users make the best “Bebi” versions of themselves.

Here’s we—Abby, Armand, and Ritz—in our full Bebi form.


And here’s the hook: you can create your own too for free. Just go to, customize the look of your avatar and take a screenshot (at the time of this writing, saving a photo of your Bebi isn’t available yet. Understandable, seeing that the site is still in its beta phase.

We had heaps of fun turning ourselves into Little Things “Bebi”-chibis. If you want to make your own, visit the website. If you want to follow Rosario’s webcomic, find them on Facebook.

Source: Little Things PH

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