Author: Abby

Gudak Photos: The Disposable Analog Cam App

Gudak photos will remind you of the old times, or at least to the late 90’s to early 2000’s when the first disposable camera was widely sold. These photos are grainy and mostly green-toned, giving you that classic and mostly nostalgic feel. Yes, all with light leaks. Patterned over Kodak disposable cameras, Gudak greets you with the iconic layout of a typical disposable cam. The viewfinder is tiny, the shutter looks physical but isn’t, and it makes that film rolling sound every time you take a photo. The app is mostly yellow then black on the edges, with indicators...

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The Caritas Health Shield Scam Explained

The Caritas Health Shield scam overview If you search Caritas Health Shield scam on the internet, you are most likely going to encounter a lot of news about the Caritas text scams. You will receive a text message saying that you have won a free health card and must visit their office to claim it. Well I don’t know who still falls for this but if you’re one of those people getting texts from sketchy phone numbers, you better delete it right away. Once you visit the Caritas Health Shield office stated in the text, agents will convince you...

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