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Author: Abby

Apple Releases Official Statement on iPhone Battery Life

  Apple just issued an official statement regarding the performance of iPhone batteries in the older models of their phones. Users started experiencing a significant slowdown in their iPhones whenever there would be a new iOS or iPhone released on the market. Conspiracy theorists hypothesize that this is one of Apple’s tricks to get consumers to trash their current phone and buy the newest iPhones. Interestingly, this news surfaced and shocked concerned iPhone users a few weeks after the release of the iPhone X in the Philippine market. This led users to believe that this particular conspiracy theory is...

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Cheap Knock-Off Tech Products That Are as Good as the Real Thing

Sometimes the cheaper versions of tech products and accessories are as good as the real thing, and you won’t have the break the bank or sell half your kidney. To be very honest though, we still highly prefer the real and original ones but sometimes the budget just doesn’t allow. Here are a few tech products you can get knock-offs of and get away with it: iRing The real iRing markets itself as a ‘multifunctional’ accessory for your phone. It functions as a grip, a stand, and a reason for your phone to not lay flat on the table. Essentially...

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Why the iPhone X is Worth Your P50,000

The iPhone X releases in the Philippines tomorrow, December 1, 2017 and so far we’ve heard very mixed reactions. While some are decided on settling for the previous generation iPhones, some can’t even sleep until they’ve gotten their hands on the newest Apple flagship. Priced over its initial estimate of P50,000, the iPhone X is easily one of those items you need months and months of thinking and watching YouTube videos for. So okay, here are some reasons why you should get the iPhone X, from a person whose views on a phone is usually very practical. 1. 3D Face Recognition...

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