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Apple is Finally Fixing its iPhone Throttling Problem

by | Feb 9, 2018 | Smartphones

We reported about Apple’s admission to throttling its iPhones. That simply means that iPhones begin to slow down after a period of usage so as—though Apple doesn’t directly confess to it (and in fact said that it was a feature rather than a bug), but plenty think it was likely a malicious act—to move users into newer, faster generations of the iPhone.

Now, objectively speaking, Apple seems to really be working on ways to fix the issue. Apple CEO Tim Cook assured everyone that there are improvements being made, chief among them are the iPhone X and iPhone 8’s hardware, which essentially fixes the issue flat-out. This comes as a report via Business Insider, in which Cook, interestingly, straight-out tells Congress a different story than Apple’s previous sorry-not-sorry formal letter months ago.

It seems like Apple is, indeed, making some changes to better its situation. In fact, the iOS 11.3 update will debut a “battery health” tool, which will help users better understand how iPhones manage its battery and other internals. But in stickier ones like this, I often find that the best way to go is transparency. That sticks out to a lot of consumers, especially in such a stiff market like that of smartphones. Twitter is an island of collective misery. It’s where all the misfit band, troll, and tear one another all on the same day. It’s a special place, but definitely far from an easy experience.

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