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Apple will no longer make new versions of iPhone X and iPhone SE

by | Jul 16, 2018 | Smartphones

Following disappointing sales.

Both the iPhone X and the iPhone SE didn’t perform well to Apple’s eyes. The latter it’s easy to understand why. There’s little push for it from Apple itself. However, the former is a little surprising: the iPhone X is supposed to be the company’s crowning glory, and many took the bait, but apparently not enough.

Because recent reports say that Apple, quite unhappy with both phones’ sales, is likely to bet on its mainline iPhones and discontinue both the iPhone X and the iPhone SE.

Why the phones came out with disappointing returns can be pinned on one thing: they’re trying to change the iPhone without really being all that different. Consumers are quick to catch onto that fact: why spend more on an iPhone (the iPhone X) that’s only a few features better than its already expensive, but less expensive one (the iPhone 8)?

Apple’s shifting its attention to its core iPhones—the iPhone 9, iPhone 11, and iPhone 11 Plus—might just be the smarter move to make. And while reports have confirmed Apple will be releasing three new models this year, rumors insist that we might see more of the X or the SE.

I say that’s highly unlikely, following this report. By focusing their attention on its main iPhones, Apple will be able to improve them a lot—be it trying different sizes (like the 6.1-inch screen iPhone that’s been rumored to release this year), launching new features, and more.

If Apple follows through, that would do it for specialized iPhones. It was quite a brisk run, but it was fun while it lasted. I for one would have wanted to see iPhone X flourish, but it sounds like Apple has greater plans ahead.

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