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Court case reveals Apple knew that the iPhone 6 were going to bend

by | May 29, 2018 | Smartphones

Pump the hate brakes, Apple fans. Let’s talk facts once and for all.

A court case has brought to light that Apple was aware of their phones’—the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus—tendency to bend with enough pressure pre-launch. Even more frustrating, Apple knew exactly how bendable their phones were, and still carried on with selling the phones and quietly fixed it only a year later.

To the uninitiated, the 2016 controversy, aptly named “bendgate”, went down as one of the more infuriating failures that Apple has dished out in its history. Several critics have called out the phones’ tendency to bend out of form, an issue which Apple, at the time, brushed off as a non-issue, arguing that the bend is merely an isolated case.

Still, this accentuated the company’s stringy quality control processes, inducing frustration for critics and consumers alike. The issue has been brought to the court, too, several times, and on the recent case’s current investigation, Apple’s testing results were forced into discovery, revealing Apple’s awareness of “bendgate”.

The document Apple knew that “the iPhone 6 was 3.3 times more likely to bend than the iPhone 5s… and that the iPhone 6 Plus was 7.2 times more likely to bend than the iPhone 5s.”

This, coupled with performance and battery throttling, isn’t a very good on Apple. If it wants to take a tighter grip into its captured audience, Apple should admit to its faults, fix them, and not take laborious, roundabout measures that ultimately feel sketchy.

What do you guys think?

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