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What’s new in Android P? What are the best new Android features

by | May 11, 2018 | Uncategorized

Google just announced at its recently wrapped I/O event the newest version of its mobile operating system, the Android P. While details are still kept under a tight lid on what “P” actually stands for, Google has unpacked quite a lot of details in its keynote. On this post, we do a quick rundown of what’s new.

Adaptive battery and brightness

Android P will debut new adaptive features, specifically for battery and brightness. While this sounds like an afterthought, this is actually a big deal as it can potentially cut down on battery usage. This is thanks to Google’s embracing of its use of AI in its tech; your phone will take cues on how you use your phone and will automatically set battery optimization and screen brightness accordingly.

App actions

One exciting feature is called “app actions”. Using machine learning, your phone will actually show a handful of buttons based on what you frequently use your. It will also suggest actions depending on the context of the recent actions you’ve taken on your smartphone.


“Slices” will smartly take interactive snippets from apps. In their example, Google accessed the Google Search screen, hit “lyft” on the search bar, and out pops the slices that allow the user to book directly from the same screen. Nifty.

New gestures and accessibility functions

new system navigation

Android P also introduces us to new gestures. This obviously takes from iPhone X’s workaround to ditching the home button. For Android P, a swipe up brings you to your phone overview, a second swipe shows all apps. Swipe to the right and your phone will pop your recent apps screen up.

Digital Wellbeing

Android dashboard

Android P is also the debut of the Android dashboard. Think of it as a home screen housing all your usage info. This will show you all information about how you use your phone and will even allow you to set a maximum time for a specific phone. For instance, should you want to set a 3-hour max time for Twitter, Android will grey out Twitter once you hit your ceiling for the time spent on that app.


Shush puts your phone into a Do Not Disturb mode every time you let it sit idle on a table on its face. This is such a small change but can have such a great impact. Android P, of course, will still give you control over which people can get to you in spite of the DND mode.

Wind Down

Wind Down will turn your screen into grayscale during a pre-set night schedule. This helps users to literally sleep better at night.

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