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Philippines to become among the first to have 5G connectivity

by | Jun 28, 2018 | Lifestyle, Tech

It looks like we’re getting 5G connectivity pretty soon. According to an announcement made at MWC Shanghai 2018, the Philippines, alongside Australia and Japan, will be among the first countries to launch 5G networks. That bit of good news comes from GSMA Intelligence Lead Analyst, Jan Stryjak.

Globe Telecom has already shared their plans for 5G connectivity, targeting a launch date of Q2 2019 to make 5G commercially available for residences. They’ll do this with the aid of Huawei.

Smart has also plans in place. In fact, they’ve already initiated with a handful of tests, which yield a whopping 14.97Gbps on their 5G network. To give you a more illustrative example, that means you can download an entire feature-length movie in one second. Smart says its network should be 5G-ready by 2020, but with Globe’s announcement, Smart might roll that target back just a bit.

Is this a sign for better internet in the country? I sure hope so. If things move forward the way they’re saying it is, the Philippines will most likely be rid of slow internet problems.

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