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Love It Or Hate It, 280-Character Tweets Are Here To Stay

by | Nov 8, 2017 | Social Media

Following through on its promise of tweets exceeding the original character limit, Twitter is officially rolling out 280-character tweets to all users. If you’re among the unlucky(?) few who weren’t picked as Twitter’s initial test group, you’ve probably been waiting for this day to come (and tried this TweetDeck trick) while you waited.

But you read it right. The day has come. RIP 140-character tweets. RIP witty, out-for-the-jugular flash fiction. And RIP Lang Leav-esque Twitter “poets”, a good riddance.

Twitter Might Be Doubling Its 140-Character Limit

All Twitter users are now able to tweet in 280 characters and under. The change brings a number of positive things, including a bigger real estate that can (for once) accommodate proper punctuation on the platform—my way of saying not to skimp on commas. But the internet gold, as is the standard, will come from 280-character tweets talking about 280-character tweets. But hey, what’s a boy to do? Twitter loves its meta-humor.

I’ve listed down below some of my favorites.

Twitter has been thinking about the move from short to longer tweets for years, but it was only until recently that the company made up its mind. Here’s a block of text explaining the move, text that will exactly fit in a 280-character tweet:

“People who had more room to Tweet received more engagement (Likes, Retweets, @mentions), got more followers, and spent more time on Twitter. People in the experiment told us that a higher character limit made them feel more satisfied with how they expressed themselves on Twitter.”

See? I told you.

Twitter thinks 280-characters give its users more room for expression and doesn’t exactly compromise the platform’s brevity. If anything, the update brings us a lot to work with when we feel woke, annoyed, and downright enraged about whatever imbecilic thing Mocha Uson does for the day. Like this one. Ugh.

Source: Twitter Blog

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